Saturday, March 21, 2009

State of Tennessee Pays $135M for Edison Program

This is one of the top stories in Nashville right now, because the program is so horrible and so much money was spent on it. 135 million dollars!!! I would have happily done it for $1 Million and I would have made sure it was done right! Also, this could be one of the main contributors to State employees not getting a raise this year. They are not even getting a cost of living raise this year! Think about how far $135M can go. Even if you divide $135M 40,000 ways, that is still $3,375 that could be going towards someones raise and potentially back into the economy.


  1. NC has had a similar called BEACON that is equally overpriced and has all sorts of problems.

  2. Do you know if Edison is based on SAP or Oracle or one of the other ERP packages? I can't imagine that the state wrote it from scratch.

    Just saw an update on the news about this - what a train wreck!

  3. Train wreck describes it perfectly!
    I believe it uses Oracle. I think that Oracle may be the government standard.


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